Yuri’s Part-Time Job

Do you enjoy reading Manhwa comic stories? So this is an interesting story about a girl named Yuri’s part-time job. She appears to be the perfect college student, so no one suspects that she’s a double agent at night. But Professor Baek discovers her secret part-time job. For a summary of Yuri’s part-time job, read the whole article.

Yuri's Part-Time Job

About Yuri’s Part-Time Job

Yuri’s Part-Time Job is a manga created in 2018. The series was written by Studio Piri, and the illustrations are by Koko Kikuchi. Yuri’s Part-Time Job Webtoon is about drama, maturity, school life, and a smart story. Be sure to read all chapters of Yuri’s Part-Time Job in English at ToonGod.

Yuri's Part-Time Job


In Yuri’s Part-Time Job, Yuuri is a college student who approaches Professor Baek’s cabin and asks him what she wants. Yuuri replied by displaying her inner beauty and saying, “I want you, Professor.” After that, Yuuri began kissing Prof.

Professor and Yuri started to develop romantic feelings. Suddenly, a professor thought that Yuri was a college student, so why was she doing this for him? Then the professor grabbed her hair and said, “Are you a “fucking girl” at the university?” Yuri didn’t want to admit the truth, but she did because of her pain.

Yuri's Part-Time Job

Due to his anger, the professor grabbed Yuri by the hair and dragged him towards the window. At that time, Yuri wasn’t wearing a top because he and the professor were romancing, so he stuck her to the window. Therefore, the entire college had ridiculed her in this condition.

After that professor finds Yuri in the library, he suddenly misbehaves by hugging her tightly. As a result, Yuri pushes the professor and kicks him in the main point, then puts her legs on his head and says, “You are such a boring person you should kill yourself.”.


What is Manhwa?

Manhwa is a Korean comic book and graphic novel art form. Manhwa are typically created in their spare time by writers and artists and serialised in magazines and online platforms.Due to its popularity among readers outside of Korea, the industry has seen a recent surge in international interest.

What is the average rating for this story?

The average rating for this story is 4.6 out of 5. Even this story has 39.9K views. The genre of this story is drama, Mature, school life, smut, etc.

Why do people enjoy this yuri part-time job?

Most people enjoy this story because it is based on the experiences of a college student, Yuri, who has two distinct experiences: one as a student and one as a nighttime part-time employee. She wants to hide this truth from the people. However, once the professor discovers this, they tell everyone. This twist adds to the story’s appeal.


After reading this summary you all are curies to read this Yuri’s Part-Time Job story. So just search it on google and read this manga story. You get this comic story easily, the plus point is this it is free of cost. Read all the chapter share it to other and them tell us on the comment are you like this story or not.

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