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Thanks so much for all the help you have given me so far, my baby is now a big girl and i take her everywhere.
Tina Smith

My wife and i are in love with our kitty. We call her cucu. She was named after my wife’s first maine coon she had when she was still growing up. It has been amazing having little cucu with us. We just want to show forth out appreciation.
Jason and Carol

This is a photo of my son and his buddy Garfield. He he has always loved the movie and we got him a coon because of his obsession with them. The whole family has fallen in love with Garfield and he is considered the last of the family.
Mike Davis

I love taking cute selfies like these of choupe and i. I always get lots of reactions and comments from my friends and family. Choupe receives so much love.
Jessica Andrews

Here is our daughter with our main coon Liam. As you can see in the photo Liam has grown so big!!!! lol
Olivia and Jayden

It still amazes me how big Mia is now. She has grown so much. Just some months back she was still a very little kitty. Now i need to carry her with both hands. I am very glad having her around. Thank you dearly for all.
Emma Jones

Here is my son Dylan and Brody. Dylan’s friends usually come over for a play date and are always excited to play with Brody. I love how gentle he is towards the but yet he looks so big and weighs a lot. It makes me happy seeing Dylan this happy and i owe it all to you.
Nicholas Reed