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Are you a person who is searching for online grocery market to buy some products but not getting any online market which provide huge varitiy of product with good quality? so don’t worry, piscopo supermarket is here! This online grocery store provides everything you need to get your groceries, from produce and groceries to frozen foods and even pet food. So what are you waiting for, go grocery shopping at this supermarket today!

What Is Piscopo Supermarket ?

Piscopo Supermarket is a great online shopping destination that offers products from many brands and retailers. Visit www.piscoposel.com to find quality products at great prices and a convenient online shopping experience. The site offers more than 10,000 items across 200 different brands so you’re sure to find everything you need at an affordable price. The process is quick and easy, so you can get your purchases home as quickly as possible.

Piscopo Supermarket

Describe The Range Of The Product

This Piscopo supermarket carries a wide range of products, such as pet foods, dishes, wines, cakes, detergents, frozen items, etc.

Piscopo Supermarket
  • It offers recipes for a variety of dishes, along with household and personal care items.
  • You can find beer, cocktails, juices, squashes, cereal bars, cakes, cereals, and chocolates in the store.
  • There are also frozen and chilled items available, including garlic salami and pasta brisket rotonda.
  • Fruit and Vegetables are also available in the store, including almonds blanched and apples etc.

What Jobs Are Available In This Supermarket?

This supermarket currently has three job postings available: cashier, shopkeeper, and counter-assistant. To apply for this position, please submit a resume and an application letter. You will need to send an email to the company’s recruitment officer so that they can access your job application and help you get the job.

1. Cashier Job Description

  • As a cashier you will be responsible for receiving and processing payments, answering questions, and maintaining the store’s inventory.
  • You must ensures that credit acceptance is verified by reviewing and recording the driver’s licence number.
  • You have to balances the cash drawer at the beginning and end of work shifts by counting cash.
  • In order to best serve customers, you must be computer literate and able to assist them with purchases.
  • You must also be able to operate registers and receive payments.
  • Finally, you need strong communication skills to effectively connect with customers.
Piscopo Supermarket

2. Stacker Job Description

  • Being a stacker in a retail store requires being attentive to detail and keeping the shelves and displays neatly stacked.
  • You may also be required to load up a trolley or cage from the warehouse or stockroom with new stock for the retail selling area.
  • Always make sure that the goods you are stocking are in good condition and meet the store’s standards.
Piscopo Supermarket

3. Deli Counter Assistant

  • A deli counter assistant is responsible for a wide variety of tasks, including packing products, weighing and labeling, arranging products on shelves, and keeping items fresh in accordance with health and safety regulations.
  • To be successful as a deli counter assistant, you must have a good standard of education, which will allow you to be able to carry out these responsibilities effectively.
  • You should be a good team player and able to work under pressure, as the work at a deli can be very hectic.
  • A valid food handler’s license will demonstrate your commitment to safety and hygiene, both of which are essential in this profession.
Piscopo Supermarket


  1. Convenience: With Piscopo Marketplace, you can have groceries delivered to your doorstep quickly and easily.
  2. Savings: You can save money on your grocery bill by ordering in bulk
  3. Variety: You can order whatever groceries you need without having to go to multiple stores.
  4. Quality: You can be sure that the groceries you order through this Marketplace are of high quality and fresh from the farm.
  5. Customer satisfaction: Many people love the convenience, savings, variety and quality of the Marketplace food service.

FAQ’s | Piscopo Supermarket

How to purchase products from the website

  • To use this Supermarket, first sign up for an account.
  • Once you have an account, you can start shopping for groceries.
  • To place an order, go to the Piscopo Marketplace page and click on the “Order” button.
  • You will need to provide your name, address, and phone number. Next, you will need to select the items that you want to purchase.
  • You can also choose to add items to your cart manually or use the automated checkout feature.
  • After you have completed your order, click on the “submit” button, and your groceries will be delivered directly to your door!

What is the delivery policy of Piscopo Supermarket?

The delivery policy of this market is great for those who want to get their groceries without leaving the house. The supermarket is open Mondays through Saturdays from 8am to 7pm, and it offers free delivery when you spend €75 or more. Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Good Friday are closed.

Conclusion | Piscopo Supermarket

Thank you for reading our article on Piscopo supermarket! We hope that it was helpful in guiding you to make a decision about whether or not this online store is the right choice for you. With a wide variety of food and drinks, as well as excellent customer service, Piscopo is the perfect place to stock up on your favorite foods and drinks. We highly recommend giving them a try today!

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