Kimi Wa Meido Sama

Maids Kimi Wa Meido Sama has come to stop by Hitozu’s house for a job. Wait, hold up – She is not just an ordinary maid! She is skilled in all the deadly arts and an overcomer that handles difficult tasks with ease – but she stumbles her way through tasks that the average person would find nearly impossible. So various questions came into your mind that why Kimi reached out to Hitozu,Us for a job? Why she left her previous assassin work? Therefore, read this interesting story to find out.

Kimi Wa Meido Sama

Who Is Kimi Wa Meido Sama?

Kimi Wa Meido Sama is an assassin to a maid who seeks revenge on all the people who have wronged her. Her story starts with her childhood, which was uneventful and filled with abuse from her father. Eventually, this led to Kimi becoming a hitman and taking out those who have wronged her in the past. As she moves forward in her life, Kimi vows to take out anyone and everyone that has ever done her wrong. She is a determined assassin and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Kimi Wa Meido Sama
Kimi Wa Meido Sama

Her key goal is to kill the man that murdered her father and his group. This ties into another goal, which is to take out those who are associated with him. Sheis one of the cruelest assassins in security and will do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

Kimi Wa Meido Sama even plants bombs under buildings to make her point because if they refuse, she’ll start taking them out one step at a time until they give up. This is how Kimi got all of Rosel, Harry and James’ work taken away using security measures and attempted hacks– but Kimi Wa Meido-Sama could care less if she has to destroy a building or two to get her people out of business.

Why kimi Left Her Previous Assassin Work?

When Kimi was first recruited into the assassin squad, she thought it would be a glamorous and exciting job. She soon found out that there was more to it than meets the eye; assassins must be stealthy and efficient in their kills, or they will become the target themselves. Kimi quickly became disillusioned with her work, as her targets seemed to be people who didn’t deserve it.

Kimi Wa Meido Sama

Kimi Wa Meido Sama decided to leave her assassin work behind. According to the author, it was not because she no longer enjoyed it, but because she no longer felt safe working as an assassin. She had been an assassin for many years. She had killed men, women and children with a cold detachment. But one day, something changed. She started to feel unsafe and unsafe even when she was in her own home. She realised that she could not keep killing people if she did not feel safe doing so. For this reason, Kimi Wa Meido-Sama decided to leave her previous assassin work behind and live a normal life.


Hitoyoshi Yokoya is currently living alone and one day an unfamiliar girl asks to work as his maid. The woman had been an assassin her whole life, which made her nervous, but she was saved by Hitoyoshi from a truck before she could take him down. The woman reveals that she is not very good with household chores, but instead excelled at assassinations. Despite this drawback, the woman’s time with Hitoyoshi allowed her to experience new emotions she never felt before, inspiring her to become a regular person.

Kimi Wa Meido Sama

To appear more confident and comfortable in the future, she asked Hitoyoshi to give her a new name. He calls her Yuki, and she shares new experiences with him. They fill her heart with joy as she starts to move on from her lonely past.This story is about a maid who struggles to find happiness and fulfillment in life, only to discover that she can be herself and find new meaning through the close bonds of family.

Costmer Reviews

vuagunny2608 Commented
I know that people complaining that the storyline is too generic and bland

but personally, this is my favorite slice-of-life manga, don’t know why but there’s something about this that really attract me. The story is really wholesome with a little romance.The fight scenes are little but supreme art cover it all, the characters are also very well-drawn.I love it, it gave me some very wholesome vibes.

Zerephiehell commented
The story is decently interesting and seems somewhat “Violet Evergarden” ‘ish.
Thats not a bad thing considering thats one of my favourite anime. Yet it is somehow lacking of everything that made Violett Evergarden believeable. The characters simply have less strong motivations behind the actions their taking than in Violett and therefor seems like a budget version of it. Still enjoyable.

FAQ: Kimi Wa Meido Sama

What does Kimi Wa Meido mean in English?

In Japanese it means “By Maids Kimi Wa Meido”. The literal meaning is: “My name is Maids Kimi Wa Meido”

How does Kimi Wa Meido relate to Hitozu?

In the light novel, Kimi is a girl who was trying to find her place in life on her own at first. After finding the owner of Hitozu and befriending the kind and generous Runa, she believes she may have found her home.

What was the job that Kimi Wa Meido did for Hitozu?

Kimi Wa Meido came to Hitozu’s house for a job that is not easily given out. Kimi is not an ordinary maid and her skills are way more than what the average person can do. Since Kimi is new and has no reputation because of it, she has been running all over town looking for helps with odd jobs.

Why would Kimi choose Hitozu to be her boss?

She just wants the job that is going to be the most enjoyable. This is her first time being a professional maid and she just wants to have fun and make some easy money.

Conclusion: Kimi Wa Meido Sama

We hope that this article on “Kimi Wa Meido sama” has served as a sufficient introduction to the story and provided you with enough information to decide if it is worth reading. The main twist and interesting point of the story is that Kimi is not just an ordinary maid; she’s skilled in all the deadly arts and an overcomer who handles difficult tasks with ease.

However, she stumbles her way through tasks that most people would find nearly impossible. As such, this very interesting story provides ample opportunity for quests (questions which appear in your mind) for readers. So whether you decide to read it or not, I wish you enjoyable journey.

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