How To Make Balloon Shiny?

Balloons can be a lot of fun but can also be a pain to take care of. Over time, balloons can start to oxidize due to the air inside them. This process causes the balloon to lose its color and texture, making it hard to get them back to looking its best. There are a few ways to keep your balloons from oxidizing: you can blow them up using a pump or buy them inflated and ready-to-use. Take good care of your balloons or they won’t last long. This article is about how to make balloon shiny.

how to make balloon shiny

Why Does Oxidation Happen To Balloons?

There are many reasons you might have to make the inside of a balloon look shiny, however one that is often thought of is oxidation. To prevent it from happening all you need to know how it looks.

Not all balloons are susceptible to oxidation. Only latex balloons undergo degradation. Home-made and store-bought latex balloons degrade only from exposure to air. Latex balloons are naturally much more fragile than foil and vinyl balloons, emitting chemicals into the air which can harm wildlife in various ways. Biodegradable balloons can also cause damage long before decomposing, posing a danger to wildlife and the environment.

how to make balloon shiny

While decomposition may take more time, latex balloons can start to oxidize right away. Oxidation is a chemical process that occurs when molecules lose electrons. All you need to know is that oxidation makes shiny, vibrant balloons take on a dull or even dusty appearance. Exposure to light, heat, and oxygen speeds up oxidation.

How To Make Balloon Shiny With Slowing Down Oxidation

When you want to slow the effects of oxidation on latex balloons, keeping them sealed inside plastic bags and stored in a cool, dry place for later use is best. This is a way to prevent the balloons from getting contaminated by water or chemicals during storage. Balloons can become discolored over time, causing them to look faded. Oxidation is most noticeable on clear balloons or bright jewels. Balloons with a more pearlescent (almost opaque) finish will not appear faded by oxidation.

How to make balloon shine

Spray For Balloons 

Reducing exposure to light and heat can extend the life of balloons by keeping them from oxidizing. There is a product designed for this purpose called HI-FLOAT. Follow the instructions on the product to either submerge deflated balls in a liquid or mix two parts water with one part HI-FLOAT before pouring it over the balloons.

how to make balloon shiny

Balloons made from low-quality materials, such as cheaper plastic and paper, are more likely to get damaged when light exposure. If you suspect this is the case for your balloons, consider purchasing a spray-on anti-oxidation solution to maintain their values for years. Consider checking with your local party store or any business that sells inflated balloons, as they may have these products in stock.

Using a product to keep balloons away from light and heat will help slow the oxidation process. You can also extend the life of your latex balloons by mixing two parts water with one part HI-FLOAT.

Some Other Types Of Balloon Spray Which Are Readily Available On Amazon

How to make your balloon shiny is a common question, as well as one we’ve seen a lot. In this paragraph, we have provided some of the best selling products by which you can achieve this task easily.

  1. Balloon Shine is the secret to a shinier latex balloon. Dull balloons are caused by oxidation, which reduces the shine and makes the balloon look old and foggy. Oxidation starts with the surface of the balloon and works. Balloon Shine protects against oxidation’s dulling effects and keeps that sparkling ‘new look’ for ten times longer. Colors come to life, and dull (fogged) balloons are brought back to life. Best of all, it is safe to use on all latex balloons, including thynnies! Balloon Shine is available in multiple colors and is very easy to use—add Balloon Shine to your balloon, and you’re good to go! Avoid using sprayers with pumps, as they can cause balloon damage.
  2. Balloon brightener products can increase the brightness of a balloon by more than five times, making them look even more inviting and festive. Additionally, they reduce oxidation, which causes a balloon to look dull and pale. That being said, balloon brighteners are very easy to use—you can use them up to 10 times without any problem.
  3. Hi-Float 8 oz. Hi Sprayer Balloon Shine Solution-Say farewell to your dull, oxidized balloons! Just spray on the new HI-SHINE, the “wipe-free” way to keep balloons fresh for weeks. It coats them with a durable layer of protection without needing gloves or wiping. It keeps latex balloons shiny and shinier than when they were first inflated. So you have to restore the shine with the non-toxic Hi-Float and its coating of protection that lasts for weeks! Be careful to use it with air-filled decor, helium, or latex to make your balloon stay longer than any other balloon. It includes an 8-ounce bottle and a trigger sprayer
  4. Amscan HiShine Balloon Shine Bottle Spray (8 oz.)-This product comes with a balloon solution spray that will keep your balloons looking lovely. It is easy to use and will easily clean up. This would be an excellent gift for anyone who loves celebrating special occasions. Amscan HiShine Balloon Shine Bottle Spray comes in an aerosol can and is used to keep latex balloons shiny for weeks without wiping. The product restores shine to dull and cloudy-looking balloons by cleansing them of dirt, dust, and residue. It is also safe for children and pets. For best results, spray directly onto the balloon before inflation.

FAQs | How To Make Balloon Shiny

Does Hairspray Shine on Balloons?

You will not be able to make the latex shiny, regardless of how much hair spray you use. Deflated balloons will quickly become oxidized, and you won’t be able to make them look like they were when they were first inflated.

What ingredients are in balloon shine?

Be aware that this product has low flash points and ignition sources.

Why do balloons lose their shine?

This is when sunlight will cause the latex balloons to break down. You can tell when a balloon has oxidized as it will lose its shine and go “velvety.”

How do you make clear balloons?

To get maximum air time for your balloon, you should use a 50:50 ratio of water and hi-float with a clear balloon. Rinse and dry it thoroughly before dipping it in the mixture to remove excess material from the balloon.

Why do balloons go cloudy?

As latex balloons are biodegradable, they typically oxidize and become cloudy over time as they degrade. Heat, sun, and high humidity can accelerate the process, so you are doing the right thing by keeping your stuffed balloon away from the sun and heat.

Conclusion | How To Make Balloon Shiny

Balloons can be enjoyable for children but can become difficult to care for as the air inside them oxidizes over time. This process causes the balloons to lose color and texture gradually; it can be challenging to get this back. With a few good choices available, balloons, of course, stay pristine and pretty with some help from a product such as HiShine and some other products mentioned in this blog. 

Another solution of How to make balloon shiny is to store latex balloons in plastic bags and keep them cool, dry, and sealed away from contamination. With this storage method, you can prevent the balloons from getting contaminated by water or chemicals during storage.

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